1st Edition 1891 - Was Abraham Lincoln a Spiritualist?

1st Edition 1891 - Was Abraham Lincoln a Spiritualist?


A very rare hardcover, 1891 first edition book "Was Abraham Lincoln a Spiritualist? Or, Curious Revelations from the life of a Trance Medium" by Mrs. Nettie Colburn Maynard.

Published by Rufus C. Hartranft in Philadelphia, Pa. USA.

In the back is the original purple stuck-on page from the Publisher that says "This curious book has no precedent in the English Language.  Its theme is novel, its truth apparent.  It has a peculiar bearing upon the most mementous period in history, and regarding its most famous participant, the most noted American.....Give it a deliberate reading.  You will be amply repaid."  The publisher.

There is a hand written note inside the first couple of pages stating:

"November 1891:  Dr. Wright in Egypt, North Carolina:  With my best wishes to my friends Mr. & Mrs. George W. Baker, Wilmington, NC.  Dec. 2nd, 1891."

There is also a name hand written on the inside cover as “Geo. W. Baker

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