Himalayan Crystal Skull (Newar People)

Himalayan Crystal Skull (Newar People)

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A remarkable and genuine Himalayan Crystal Skull by the Newar People, said to be the original indigenous inhabitants of the Kathmandu Valley and said to be the creators of its historic heritage and civilisation. Newars have continued their age-old traditions and practices and pride themselves as true custodians of the religion, culture and civilisation of Nepal.

The crystal skulls are associated with a form of tantric buddhism but more specifically rooted in a form of Tibetan shamanic practice, according to the Newar who introduced me to this incredible piece. Their origin is essentially the boarders of both Tibet and Nepal where both cultures seem to have fused.

This skull is unlike any I have come across before in an energy sense but also the incredible natural vein forming the 3rd eye chakra. This vein is a triangle hollow that reduces to a mere point in the centre of the skulls brow.

The Newar from whom I acquired this remarkable skull revered the skull as a special artefact. He was reluctant to part with this skull but had it bought to me via a 6 hour drive. Based on our discussion I have learned the skills have many purposes depending on the practitioner. Some villages feature a large skull and is believed to be protector of their community and a portal for specific Buddhist deities to occupy.

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