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Physical Seance

I was fortunate to attend a Kai Muegge Physical Mediumship seance on the 13th January 2019 in Melbourne. A Physical Mediumship Seance is remarkable experience where the medium and his spirit team work to produce physical phenomena experienced by all sitters present. This can include light phenomena, levitating objects, touches from an unseen presence, direct voice phenomena, materialisations, phantoms and ectoplasmic extrusions to name a few.

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Cabinet Seance

Once again I am fortunate to be reporting on an amazing cabinet séance experience with the world’s renowned physical mediums Kai Muegge and Julia Muegge at Parsonage Side Retreat in South West England. Attending were a diverse and wonderful mix of sitters including practicing mediums and many academic professionals ranging from scientists, biologists, psychologist, engineers, university professors and other disciplinary fields.

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Kai Muegge Seance

An experience I will never forget! On the 11th August 2018, I was very fortunate to attend a cabinet seance with the worlds most scientifically tested and ASSMPI certified physical medium, Kai Muegge and Julia Antonietta Mügge at Australia's Wallacia Development Centre located in the Blue Mountain region west of Sydney.

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