Kai Muegge Seance

An experience I will never forget! On the 11th August 2018, I was very fortunate to attend a cabinet seance with the worlds most scientifically tested and ASSMPI certified physical medium, Kai Muegge and Julia Antonietta Mügge at Australia's Wallacia Development Centre located in the Blue Mountain region west of Sydney.

The seance commenced with approx 25 sitters and the medium within the cabinet practicing a technique of holotropic breath work. The energy in the room was truly remarkable and before long we saw flashes of light coming from the cabinet and out into the room.

Our spirit friends announced their arrival with strong tapping on the ceiling where our singing halted to observe. In the centre of the room were some instruments, and all could hear a spirit form drag their fingers across the surface of the drum before it developed a rhythmic beat that became quite strong and powerful. Inside the cabinet, the mediums communicator Mr Hans Bender explained that spirit children had come forward for this particular demonstration. In addition to the drums were objects including illuminated balls for the spirit children to interact with.  

Before long the experience shifted to multiple sitters being touched concurrently from a variety of locations around the circle. I was also very fortunate to have a presence come in from behind me where it proceeded to run its fingers through my hair in the same manner my grandmother would when I was a young child. I very strongly felt her presence and was in awe of the closeness I felt. Now It is important to note that sitters held hands at all times with the sitters either side and behind me was a solid wall, yet the spirit team still managed to come in from behind and interact in a manner I could physically sense. The spirit fingers felt very real and I remember being aware of my hair moving in response to the spirit fingers being pulled through what little hair I do have.

The next demonstration included a glow in the dark handkerchief that was initially held by a sitter to my immediate right. She was instructed to hold onto one corner of the handkerchief with arm outstretched where in a moment it began to move as if pulled from the opposite corner. Initially the spirit form wasn't overly strong  and as it worked with the rooms energy was able to take greater control and pull the handkerchief from the sitter where we watched it fly around the room to the opposite side of the circle. Remarkably at all times there was no obstruction of the illumination meaning there was no form to block our sight as it stood in front of the handkerchief either on our side or the opposite side of the room.

At this point Hans Bender asked us to pay attention to the spirit trumpet with its illuminated strips and his concentration was quite literally audibly heard as a manly hum. The trumpet moved a little before it began to take flight and moved extremely fast. Within a second it could travel from one end of the room to the other. It was quite joyful seeing the trumpet move so fast and dance in the air and touch sitters.

The mediums spirit communicator is known as Hans Bender who had left our world on the 7th May 1991 at the age of 84.  Mr Bender was a pioneer of German PSI research, a lecturer on the subject of parapsychology and is credited with establishing the parapsychological institute Institut für Grenzgebiete der Psychologie und Psychohygiene.

Mr Bender was an incredibly wise and loving energy that radiated a spark the likes of which I hadn't experienced before. He was humble, gentle, and ever so knowledgeable. He even took time to explain that in life he did not know English and was drawing on mediums knowledge bank to find the right english words to convey his teaching and explain the phenomena.

Through trance puppetry, Mr Bender had moved the mediums form from inside the cabinet to be seated in front of the cabinet with the seance controls Inge Crosson and Julia Muegge, each holding the mediums leg and hand. It was explains this method was to ensure at all times the location of the mediums physical presence was known. During demonstrations of phenomena Julia Muegge also continuously sang so that at all times, even in dark conditions everyone knew her location in the room.

The medium produced huge volumes of ectoplasm for all sitters to observe under red light conditions. I was amazed by the initially smokey like appearance that morphed in front of our eyes into a variety of densities and textures. The ectoplasm appeared to detach entirely from the medium as a mass on the ground but Hans explained it was still very much connected to the physical form via the gas-like ectoplasmic vapour. Mr Bender then through trance puppetry took control of the mediums form and walked around the circle holding the mass of ectoplasm to drape it across sitters hands so that we may directly experience its texture. Interestingly one sitter had the ectoplasm draped over her whole body. This is an experiment that had been previously done numerous times by Mr Bender and his team.

The entranced medium was once again seated and the controls Julie and Inge once again held the medium in place as the experience shifted to a remarkable demonstration of apported items. I was filled with joy as I watched apports magically appear from the mediums eyes, nose, mouth, ears and hands! These varied from crystal stones to remarkable diety statues of supernatural beings.  

The next moment I will never forget as Hans Bender explained that a portal would be opened into the ectoplasm to allow activation crystals to be passed into the physical world. From a flat mass of ectoplasm I could see the large crystals grow and rise up through the ectoplasm as sunstone activation crystals in a golden yellow colour. 

The remarkable Hans next asked Julia to refer to specific apports where Hans bender and his team gifted the items to specific sitters. I was thrilled and speechless to have received a Sunstone Activation crystal and 3 diety statues.

With the ectoplasmic mass now on the floor and the mediums form seated we observed the spirit team now reanimate the ectoplasm which formed a column that made its way up from the floor to reattach to the medium and be reabsorbed. Remarkably Hans also produced a 3D ectoplasmic head of himself for all to see at close range! Many photos were taken during demonstrations including those of ectoplasm, the Head of Hans and the entranced medium. This footage is in the care of Julia and Kai Muegge at the Felix Circle. 

Amazing, humbled, speechless and in awe of this work!