Amyr Amiden

An unusual phenomena experienced in many physical mediumship seances is what is termed Apport. According to Merriam Webster the definition of Apport (Entry 2 of 2):

Apport: to produce (a material object) at a spiritualist séance without any apparent physical means. Source:

This remarkable phenomena faces heavy criticism from the UK Spiritualist movement; However many mediums from other parts of the world are very successfully achieving apports in both light and dark seance conditions.

Apport - Sun Stone activation crystal through the mediumship of Kai Muegge. This apport is located in Melbourne, Australia.

Apport - Sun Stone activation crystal through the mediumship of Kai Muegge. This apport is located in Melbourne, Australia.

A modern day example of spontaneous apports in lighted conditions, where objects fall from mid-air is German physical medium Kai Muegge ( see Kai Muegge Seance, Parsonage Side Retreat September 2018 ). This same medium has also demonstrated the production of ectoplasm through which large activation crystals are formed (see photo of yellow Sun Stone apport) or via portals in the mediums physical body:

  • Mychael Shane, Seattle Physical medium has a portal form under his tongue where you can see the items first appear as a liquid that solidifies into a physical gemstone as it falls onto a clothe held by sitters

  • Kai Muegge, German Physical medium has demonstrated both Spontaneous apports falling from mid-air, and also through portals that form in his eyes, nose and ears; or also forms portals through the ectoplasm.

Accounts of Apports are widespread across many traditions including the Australian Aboriginal Shamans (Elkin, Adolphus Peter. 1994 Aboriginal Men of High Degree. St. Lucia: Queensland University Press ), with parallels identified between Elkin’s experience and those of Tibetan Shamanism (David-Neel, Alexandra. 1965. Magic and Mystery in Tibet. London: Souvenir Press).

Historically we can also look back at Waldo Vierira, a Brazilian spiritual author, medium, physician and dentist who founded the spiritual movements of Conscienceology and Projectology who widely discussed a phenomena he termed ‘parateleportation’ defined as:

“a phenomenon composed of dematerialization, levitation, apport and rematerialization, in which the intraphysical consciousness suddenly disappears and reappears in another location; the act or process of transporting objects, human beings or subhuman animals through space, without any mechanical means”

Vieira, Waldo. 2002. Projectiology: A panorama of experiences of the consciousness outside the human body. Rio de Janeiro: International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology.

The apports of Amyr Amiden also included remarkable appearances of gemstone phenomena (see video below).  Amyr is a Brazillian physical medium known for the appearance near him of ‘apports’ (psychically-materialized objects), sometimes on request (Source: )

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