Mychael Shane Event

The Eolian Hall, Carlton, VIC

The Eolian Hall, Carlton, VIC

On the 20th March 2019 I had the absolute pleasure of organising a public demonstration of the remarkable US Spiritual Teacher, Reverend and Transphysical phenomena medium Mychael Shane. We held the event in a remarkable space that previously housed the National Kadimah Library (since the early 1930s) however is now home to the Società Isole Eolie, the longest running Italian Social Club in Melbourne since 1925.

In Conjunction with the Wallacia Development Centre, Mychael Shane gave demonstrations of his remarkable billet readings and apports under lighted conditions.

Llewellyn Worldwide defines a Billet reading as:

A technique where questions are written on small pieces of paper, then folded up or sealed in an envelope and given to a psychic who attempts to answer the question with the help of paranormal powers of information from spirit guides.

Merriam-Webster defines Apport as

motion or production of an object by a spiritualist medium without apparent physical agency. To produce (a material object) at a spiritualist séance without any apparent physical means.

The public event made available limited seats to anyone interested in directly experiencing the work of Mychael Shane, under controlled conditions. The protocols of the event included an independent member of the public thoroughly searching the mediums body to ensure no objects were hidden on his form, and another member of the public also searching his seat, and the cabinet. We also invited any other attendee who wished to inspect either Mychael or the seance cabinet.

The shower tent ‘seance cabinet’

The shower tent ‘seance cabinet’

Shannon Taggart  defines a seance cabinet as

a constructed space used in Spiritualist séances since the mid-19th century.  Its main function is to act as an incubator for physical effects, and for the creation of ‘ectoplasm’—Spiritualism’s sacred substance.

The seance cabinet for this particular setting was supplied by myself, and had been purchased as a brand new item from Decathlon in Box Hill the day before. The item was not opened until we arrived at the hall to setup the chairs into a semi-circle orientation and assemble the pop-up tent for use by the medium Mychael Shane.

The venue was prepared by myself and the former secretary of the Eolian society, Mr Taranto

The venue was prepared by myself and the former secretary of the Eolian society, Mr Taranto

Present for the evening was a diverse mix of individuals ranging from an Academic Spiritualist researcher from Deakin University, a 50+ year experienced Spiritualist Reverend from the local community, mediums, practicing psychics, healers, a personal trainer and first timers. In total the attendees consisted of 19 public sitters (including myself), Mychael Shane and his 2 helpers - both from the Wallacia Development Centre.

On arrival each sitter was asked to take a card and on one side write any number they like, and the other side a question for the billet reading. Once written the card was to be placed over the solar plexus chakra, located in the navel region of our physical body. The medium explained this charges the cards with our energy and is used during the billet reading process.

After an initial introductory talk and explanation of how the evening would take place, another member of the public was asked to blindfold the medium for the billet readings. Black wide masking tape was used to tape 2 x silver dollar coins over the eyes of the medium. These large coins covered the eyes in full and secured to his face via the black tape. Next a black blindfold was placed over this layer and also a 3rd fabric blindfold to ensure the medium had no means of seeing with his eyes.

The billet cards were collected into a wicker basket, I had purchased from Kmart the night before and was handed to the medium who then would pull a card one at a time. In total the basket contained 21 cards (19 sitters plus the 2 x Wallacia assistants). The cards were held in his right hand where his spirit team would first tell him the number written on the card and this would be verified by myself, sitting directly to the right of the medium. Secondary to this he would then deliver the message from his spirit team in response to the question on the cards.

Remarkably the medium correctly communicate the numbers on all 21 cards with immense accuracy. Two of the cards had the number 18 drawn on their back however only one had a line drawn below while the other had no line. Mychael Shane’s guides had said this is either 81 or 18 to the card with no horizontal line below, and very firmly “this is 18” for the card with the line.

When it came to the questions the answered given were not generalised messages but very precisely related to the questions. Below I present a couple of examples that I remember (not exact wording used, but an approximation based on memory):

Question:  Should I sit for Physical mediumship

Answer:  A definitive yes. You should be sitting to develop as a physical medium.

Question:  Can you give a specific message from New Years Eve, as proof of live after death

Answer:  This is all the proof you need

Question:  Will I be successful with my new chosen career path?

Answer:  If you can contain and hold the energy, your new path will be a success

Question:  Will things work out in my favour and allow me to keep my house, as a spiritual centre

Answer:  This is possible to keep the house, if you can hold the energy to manifest your desires

For the purpose of privacy the questions and answered given were not recorded in explicit detail, however it was very evident to all present that the billet readings were incredible, precise and quite amazing to see first hand. The medium remarkably correctly communicated the numbers on the back of 21 cards and directly answered the questions except one, that the spirit team asked be placed to the side.

The next phase of the demonstration involved the spirit team working with the mediums form in an attempt to achieve apports. It was explained by the medium that there is no guarantee the team will deliver any items and that he has no prior knowledge of what would be presented. The medium assumes his position in the seance cabinet, mouth taped with black tape (member of public), vertical lines drawn to show the tape has not been moved and Eddie Denzis (Wallacia Development Centre) seated to the left of the cabinet and myself immediately to the right. As a group we send energy and chant Om to help raise the energy for the spirit team and unify the energy of sitters.

Within the cabinet the energy accumulates and is contained for the spirit entities with the purpose of achieving apportations. In this space the medium sits very still with the only sound some slight cracking as the portal begins to form under his tongue. When the time is right, the medium taps where myself and Eddie assist the medium out of the cabinet, the tape is removed from his mouth and the apports begin one at time onto a clothe held by 2 members of the public. This process was able to be filmed on smart phones by anyone in the room, including the general public.

After the objects had been apported they are placed on the clothe, on the table with Mychael sitting behind. I was asked to come forward and group the stones according to their energy or likeness. Mychael explained the next phase of the process is to wait for his spirit team to establish cords of light from the stone to the heart chakra of each sitter. Once the cords were shown to him, the process commenced.

The 35 apported gemstones

The 35 apported gemstones

One by one, a sitter was called forward and the spirit communicator relayed information to Mychael about the source of the stone, the entity presenting the object and the purpose of the activated energy within each apport. This process is quite beautiful and symbolic of the love these entities have for mankind.

Skeptics are plenty and its natural given apports are such a remarkable phenomena. An opinion is one thing, direct experience is something else altogether. Critics challenge why a spirit team would apport gemstones during a seance. With most of the world’s spiritually aware keeping crystals in our homes and work for their special vibration… it really only makes sense to me they would present similar items, using their intention to activate an energy in the stones in the same manner a modern mystic would with their crystals.

This particular medium however not only apports gemstones and silver coins, but also has apported items belonging to loved ones who had crossed over. In 2016 in Basel, Switzerland the medium apported a 1300 carrot blue sapphire that dislocated his jaw, shattered his tooth and left him somewhat exhausted. The sapphire reportedly is valued at thousands of dollars, and was gifted by the spirit team. Below is the moment the incredible sapphire was apported: