The expanse of the universe is beyond human conception and our perceptions of the construct of this side and the afterlife are a mere fragment of something much larger than humanity and our fairytales of the afterlife. Yet even our holy scriptures talk about gods realm having many mansions as spheres of reality. 

What appears to be consistent is vibration and different levels of awareness and spheres of learning to allow such perceptions to be experienced in duality with an equal and opposite force. This is also very true when it comes to spiritual philosophy and most certainly mediumship.

Having a skeptical outlook on these topics is healthy and we much each seek our own validations with openness. Unfortunately however the movement comes under scrutiny largely by mental mediums seeking dominance in a highly competitive industry with controversy presenting an opportunity to raise ones profile via social media. 

Apports are an extraordinary phenomena and why the spirit team choose a gemstone is a great question to ask the spirit team achieving that phenomena. It is through asking questions we see a fuller spectrum and open doorways of learning to expand our thinking and realisations of spirit phenomena possibilities. 

Aggressive skepticism however is determental to all mediumship and a recent case of a skeptic who has never sat for the medium made a public announcement of their intent to attend a public sitting on a known hate page claiming to hold the expertise to validate or out any trickery.  

What I find interesting is this “Million dollar Goddess” practices as a mental medium and does not have a fraction of the controls in place such as physical mediums yet takes it upon herself to make such a public claim. When her motives were questioned she tried to pass it off as just wanting to see the mediums work; yet fires back that if she is denied entry to a public event her intent will be to make a public accouncenent that the mediums work is not authentic, despite having never seen them at work.

This same medium promotes herself as having the skills to manifest success for people, boasting how she has collected a 6 figure income (affiliate multi-level marketing scheme via Global Affiliate Zone) from the public for this work and yet does not face any scrutiny for such extraordinary claims and excessive profiteering. 

Is this person motivated by financial gain or is she genuinely interested in experiencing the mediumship?

Should her profession come under public scrutiny given the excessive profiteering or should we just turn a blind eye to these claims simply because she is a mental medium? 

One form of mediumship should not face more scrutiny than another because there are charlettons in every field. The mediums we host, we have experienced ourselves and stand by the authenticity of their work. The mediums have been rigerously scientifically tested by esteemed academics from world leading institutions and certainly don’t need the opinion of a goddess set on a self serving agenda to air a fictitious controversy. 

Attending a seance is not a given right but a privilege and if you have that opportunity it should be done so with the right intention. Seek out your validations in a manner that honours spirit. If your motivations sit elsewhere then we suggest you also sit elsewhere. 

Matt Tones