Physical Seance

I was fortunate to attend a Kai Muegge Physical Mediumship seance on the 13th January 2019 in Melbourne. A Physical Mediumship Seance is a remarkable experience where the medium and his spirit team work to produce physical phenomena experienced by all sitters present. This can include light phenomena, levitating objects, touches from an unseen presence, direct voice phenomena, materialisations, phantoms and ectoplasmic extrusions to name a few. 

Image of Ectoplasm courtesy of the Felix Circle

Image of Ectoplasm courtesy of the Felix Circle

This demonstration of physical mediumship was held in a private residence with approx 20 sitters. Each were a mix of backgrounds and many having their very first seance experience. Amongst them were healers, practicing Spiritualist mediums, a Personal trainer and even an academic researcher.

As with all Kai Muegge seances, the evening commenced with an talk by the medium providing some history on his work and the key differences between spiritism and spiritualism. Yet also going much further back in time to also discuss the foundations of human and spirit interactions with their ancient roots seeded in shamanistic and tribal practices of our indigenous communities.

The talk also gave each individual an opportunity to introduce themselves and sharing why they feel drawn to experience a cabinet seance. Before long the formal proceedings commence with the medium and circle leader being thoroughly searched by an independent member of the group. The rest of the group begin to cue at the seance room where they too are searched before being seated in a tight circle.

Before long the medium makes his way into the circle escorted by his independent searcher, while also performing his pre-seance holotropic breathe work. A bow to greet the sitters before the medium assumes his position in the cabinet to build the energy for the spirit team to commence their work.

The breathing of the medium sinking into trance, begins to change and take on an asthma like sound. As the spirit communicator Hans Bender takes greater control the breathing eases, small spirit lights flash in front of the cabinet, a knock or two on the ceiling and then a charming Mr Bender announces his arrival.

Through trance puppetry, Mr Bender moves the medium in front of the cabinet where he addresses all present. Hans takes time to ensure all present are very clear of the seance protocols that ensure the medium cannot leave his chair and validate the phenomena taking place away from the seated medium. This beautiful wise personality communicates with incredible passion and beauty that I just can’t help but fill my face with a grin.

Now is time to invite our spirit friends forward as all sitters hold hands, the light dimmed and the music commenced with all singing to raise the energy. Before long we start to hear a gentle tap of the shaman drum that quickly becomes incredibly powerful and loud. We silence our singing and Hans explains this personality is a guide of one of the attending sitters and is an American Indian who for millennia have used drums in ceremony to draw forward their ancestors. The rhythmic beating was so powerful the beat travelled right through my body and no doubt increasing our vibration.

It was at this point sitters started to get touched at the same time from multiple locations around the circle. I had bought a friend of mine who had never experienced a seance before and was filled with joy when he revealed his head was being stroked from behind. Immediately the impression of his mother filled my inner eye and he also acknowledged her connection.

It is important to note all sitters remain holding hands, while shoulders and feet also touch the person either side. There is absolutely no way anyone can get into the centre of the circle or interact with focus objects without others knowing about it. When the drumming stopped Mr Bender asked for the lights to be turned on quickly so all can see him still in the control position with those either side. In the centre we now see the silent drum and paddle.

After this special experience a new focus object was placed in the centre of the circle. The next focus object is a luminous plaque where spirit children are invited forward to show their hands on top of the luminous surface. While this happens we hear Julia singing in her seat and Mr Bender providing explanation of what is being observed.

Our attention is next drawn to focus on the trumpet which takes a few moments to get started but then zips around the room at remarkable speed and hovering above individuals, gently tapping them and responding to sitters saying hello to spirit. When I done this the trumpet which was moving rapidly slowed and gently touched on my heart centre before quickly flying about the room in seconds. 

A sitter is invited forward to seat in front of the medium and asked to inspect his hands and arms. The medium wears a short sleeve T-shirt but even they are presented for inspection. The entranced medium begins to move his hands where those close to the medium begin to see a Smokey like swirl of energy emanating from his bare hands. Within a few moments an object falls from this space into the cupped hands of the seated individual.

The remarkable items apported during the seance.

The remarkable items apported during the seance.

The falling apport triggered a response in the mediums body where next we all witnessed many gemstones form and fall from his eyes, nose, mouth and ears. Amongst them also was a special Tibetan amulet on a necklace for a specific sitter.

When asked of the meaning of the items presented the spirit communicator said there are different types of materialisation phenomena. Some objects are teleported from one location on the earth into the seance room; while the others are materialisations inspired by a thought form with deep spiritual symbolism and a physical reminder of the remarkable seance experiences. In my own words, it was communicated that the gem stone objects are helping those present to earth the spirit possibilities into the mind of man and hold a vibration for our own individual and collective growth. The objects are inspired by earthly objects with remarkable facets, much like the mind of the human-soul. The network is connecting energies of those who hold the same vision to draw together for development and integration of spirit realities to awaken humanity.


While Julia gathers the remarkable gemstones now on the circle floor, the entranced medium retracts back into the cabinet to build the energy for the next phase of demonstration. This next phenomena was unique and something I’ve not experienced before, where the entranced medium announced he has a spirit entity he wished to release into the circle for all to see.

As the cabinet is opened we see a remarkable spirit light come flying out into the circle at incredible speeds that it left rings of light from its rapid flight. In the cabinet we hear Hans Bender explaining the remarkable phenomena, as Julia sings so all are aware of her presence still seated with the medium at the head of the circle. Remarkably we watched this spirit fly around at such incredible speeds and even watched it go up through the ceiling and back down again into the room.

This Ankh is being commissioned by a remarkable craftsman in the UK and will feature gold, silver, copper and 4 remarkable apports. The design is inspired by antique Egyptian relics and is crafted to a museum standard.

This Ankh is being commissioned by a remarkable craftsman in the UK and will feature gold, silver, copper and 4 remarkable apports. The design is inspired by antique Egyptian relics and is crafted to a museum standard.

The final sequence involves the extraction of ectoplasm which extruded from the mediums mouth and formed a hand which moved of its own will. I was close to the medium (2nd to his left) and from my stance the hand almost resembled a white octopus moving its way down his chest before it fully formed and moved about and bent the hand to present itself to the sitters. The arm like rod continued to grow until the mass was at the floor and began to move about across the floor unaided by the physical medium. Mr Bender will often demonstrate how the physical ectoplasm substance can detach from the medium, yet explained that there is still a very strong connection to the physical form via an ectoplasmic vapour which several sitters about me could clearly observe. 

The conditions of the seance were challenging in that it was a very hot Australian summer and the air conditioning struggled to cool the room, taking a toll on the medium, sitters and the ectoplasmic formation. Regardless the Spirit Team achieved remarkable demonstrations that will live on in all present forever! The communicator delivered his remarkable closing talk on the importance for humanity to integrate its higher purpose and express a sense of self as loving beings, filled with compassion, understanding and self-responsibility as individuals and a collective consciousness.

I was again very fortunate to receive 3 of the apported gemstones which are unlike any I have seen before. One beautiful clear stone with streaks of red and blue through it, a stunning pink stone and an incredible diamond shaped white stone almost opal like in appearance. These remarkable stones are now with a remarkable craftsman who is creating an exceptional commission piece inclusive of the gemstones. To the right is a sketch of the item being created by a talented, well known and very special individual in the United Kingdom.