Cabinet Seance

Once again I am fortunate to be reporting on an amazing cabinet séance experience with the world’s renowned physical mediums Kai Muegge and Julia Muegge at Parsonage Side Retreat in South West England. Attending were a diverse and wonderful mix of sitters including practicing mediums and many academic professionals ranging from scientists, biologists, psychologist, engineers, university professors and other disciplinary fields.

Our evening commenced with a group discussion with Kai providing a detailed orientation to the séance and explained the key differences between a German séance and the traditionalist survivalist focus of UK mediumship. Mr Muegge took us back in time to look at the beginning of the modern spiritualist movement and how much older traditions dating back 30,000+ years are the real foundations of spirit interactions through Shamanism.

We next learned about the very strict séance protocols that included both Julia and Kai being stripped search by an independent sitter which included an examination behind the scrotum, any folds of skin and would be escorted from the search room into the séance room. All attending sitters are also extensively searched, patted down, scanned with metal detectors and observed through a technology that shows up any hidden devices worn by attendees. The cabinet and séance room is also extensively searched and inspected by an independent sitter before proceedings commence.

Learn more about the Séance room:

After the checks have been completed the sitters take their place on a chair in the circle and we commence singing to build the energy within the séance room. The medium is with his independent assessor preparing for the séance by applying 30 mins of holotropic breath work as tribute to one of his spirit team who employed these techniques when in body. Before long the medium enters the room and takes his place within the cabinet to be taken down into trance by his spirit team.

Within the cabinet the intensity of the holotropic breath work gains momentum and in the room we begin to see remarkable points of light coming out of the cabinet into the circle. These concentrated points of light are orb-like in nature but very bright and visible to all sitters. The orbs are accompanied with a beautiful energy and the lights are seen as the spirit team announcing their arrival through the portal into the physical world.

Our singing is bought to a close as the spirit communicator Hans Bender welcomed all present and delights in the experience of being within a physical form and feeling the blood flowing through the body of the medium. It was remarkably joyous to hear that pure joy radiate from the cabinet. The entranced medium is removed from the cabinet and seated at the head of the circle where detailed philosophy and teachings are presented. Mr Bender shared his views on “the need for humanity to work from a higher purpose to take personal responsibility for the future of mankind”.

Hans next summoned the spirit people to commence the first of their demonstrations with children coming forward to interact with objects in the circle. Glowing balls were picked up and stomping feet were head within the centre of the room. During these demonstrations the medium was in his control with sitters either side holding him in place and Julia sings so all know her exact location. Hans will often draw everyone’s attention to these control measures to validate the experiences we are all sharing.

The child begin to interact with sitters with touches happening at multiple locations at the same time all around the circle. From behind me I had a spirit form come in and what I suspected was a kiss on the top of my head but I was unsure. The spirit fingers ran their fingers across my head as had been previously experienced and was overcome once more with the presence of my grandmother.

The phenomena now moved toward the séance trumpet which lifted up and rapidly flew around the room. Remarkably the trumpet elevated all the way up to the ceiling height that I estimate to be approx. 3+ meters form the ground. It hovered so we could observe its height before taking rapid movements around the room circling the entire circle in under 2 seconds and reaching far out behind us.

Next the medium called into the circle one sitter who sat in front of the entranced medium who held his hand outstretched at eye level to the sitter on the ground. Hans could be heard concentrating before a beautiful figurine was aported into the sitters cupped hands. As remarkable as this was nothing could prepare us for what happened next!

Hans Bender next communicated that they had a very specific gift for another sitter, someone who is dedicated to spirit. Mr Bender explained he would be opening a portal in front of him and proceeded to move his hands around a space in front of the body where initially a white mist was seen before an incredible flash of light and a large clear activation crystal passed through into the room and was gifted to famed medium and psychic artist Sandy Ingham.

Below are the images of the aported Figurine, an illustration of the light flashes, the Activation Crystal and the aported crystals that would soon follow:

Very rapidly the entranced medium next produced a mass of more than 50 apported crystals as gifts for the sitters who each were fortunate to receive 2 crystals each. We watched them emerge form the eyes, eyes, nose and mouth within a matter of minutes. Remarkably these sharply cut crystals emerging from his eyes did not cause any redness in the mediums eyes.

Hans took the medium back into the cabinet where we would now work to open what I understood to be a knowledge portal. There was a large mass of ectoplasm with a flashing blue core that resembled a storm cloud (see illustration shown below). What really warmed my heart was when Hans took the ectoplasm cloud to Julia who was able to look into the ectoplasm at close range.

The close of the evening was when the medium had been returned to the cabinet and an ectoplasmic mass was on the ground in front of him. It is important to note that the ectoplasm always remains connected to the medium and in this type of demonstration that connection is via an ectoplasmic vapour. Hans summoned the ectomplasm to reanimate and this time we observed in red light a hand reach up from the ectoplasm and form fingers and a hand.

Briefly the medium was returned to the cabinet for what only seemed like a minute or two and we could hear the familiar sound of ectomplasm being extruded from the medium and when emerged a mass began to come from the mouth and down his chest where it formed an arm with detailed hand, fingers and even structures within the arm. The arm bent itself back up seemingly at the wrist location however almost parallel back to the arm with fingers hanging. If I try to replicate the positioning I find I cannot bend my wrist to such an extent.

As always I am left in awe and inspired by the work of both Julia and Kai Muegge of The Felix Circle.