Gary Mannion Seance

This week I was very fortunate to be in the United Kingdom and while here travel down to Parsonage Side Retreat and join the team from Wallacia Development Centre for a Cabinet Seance. The demonstrating medium was the remarkable Gary Mannion who I have had the pleasure of sitting many times since late 2015.

Parsonage Side Retreat is a beautiful spiritual center and is located on top of 2 lay lines that run right through Glastonbury Tower. The beautiful gardens are adorned with apples trees who have an age exceeding 300 years and a lake for quiet introspection. The hosts John, Steve and Dawn are beautiful warm people and very knowledgeable on a variety of spiritualist disciplines.

Our cabinet seance followed a very strict protocol inclusive of independent seance room and cabinet checks and a police like security assessment of all sitters. The protocol is designed to demonstrate that all phenomena is genuine. Each present sitter faces a full pat down and metal detector scan before entering the room.

Once in the room the medium is tied into the cabinet and checked by at least 2 independent sitters to validate the medium is firmly tied down and unable to slip out. The circle leader provides clear instructions and before long we could hear the familiar sound of ectoplasm forming. The cabinet spun around extremely fast and bowed to greet the sitters before delving deeper into our remarkable experience.

The presentations of ectoplasm were exciting with a huge black mass coming from near the floor, lifting the cabinet so sitters could observe in red light, a stream of white ectoplasm being extruded from within the black mass. The communicator Jimmy explained the black substance is raw ectoplasm while the white extruded mass has absorbed the light photons from the room to protect the ectoplasm from exposure to light sources within the seance room.

Remarkably we were shown the entranced medium with ectoplasm coming from the navel region and being reabsorbed back into the physical form and later a mass from the mediums mouth. Our spirit friends elected to change cabinets and moves into position a remarkably heavy timber cabinet from the corner of the room.

The activity continued to build with a remarkable form reaching out of the cabinet with what looked like an arm with no bones as the end of the mass hung down swinging in the movement. This phenomena progressively built until this form was huge.

Gary’s team next demonstrated the entranced medium within the cabinet with his communicator explaining the activity while the seance trumpet rapidly fly around the room some 2 to 3 meters away from the cabinet.

I am thrilled for Gary and excited to see where his team are taking this work!

A testimonial from an earlier seance (I have attended about 20 Gary seances).