Assault on Physical

If you are connected on social media to groups with an interest in physical mediumship there is no doubt by now you have observed an assault on physical mediumship. This unfair targeted mob mentality is dangerous to the progression of spiritualism and casts a shadow on all forms of mediumship.

Sadly it is a specific demographic who throws the stone, and can be isolated down to the following descriptive:  “UK based spiritualists or those closely affiliated with organised religious movement of spiritualism”. Whilst this is very generalised it is supported through clear reluctance of most physical mediums to conduct public demonstrations within the UK.

If we examine the critics, we see a pattern and insight into the cause of deep seeded skepticism. Now skepticism in its own right is not the problem and is very heathy and often encouraged by the spirit teams. If you do not seek out your own validations from the spirit world, they will not accomodate and later I will give practical examples of my own forms of validation for seance sittings.

The root cause appears to be closely connected to the UK’s obsession with survivalism and validations of life after death. If a physical mediums demonstration does not incorporate such activity, doubt is cast and a negative outpouring on social media unfolds.

While the UK ‘views itself’ an authority, other parts of the world have an older history concerning the development of modern spiritualism. Historians claim modern spiritualism had its foundations in 1848 when the Fox sisters (USA) very successfully produced knocking phenomena with an intelligence, many believed to be communications from the spirit world. Spiritualism developed and reached its peak growth in membership from the 1840s to the 1920s with approximately 8 million followers across USA and continental Europe. Later in 1853 the first spiritualist church in the UK opened in Keighly, Yorkshire; while in Australia the Victorian Spiritualist Union was founded in 1870, 3 years before the British National Association of Spiritualist (1873), some 9 years before the founding of Lily Dale Assembly, New York; UK National Federation of Spiritualist in 1890 and 31 years before the UK Spiritualist National Union in 1901.

According to research by the Canberra Spiritualist Association:

By 1869 a spiritualist newspaper was circulating from Wollongong in NSW. In some places in the absence of Mediums, discussion groups were formed to hear about what was being experienced in the USA. One such group formed prior to 1870 in Melbourne with a group of 25 business men lead by William Terry a bookshop owner and including the American Ambassador of the time. This group called it self The Victorian Association of Progressive Spiritualists and met at Collins Street in Melbourne later moving to Swanston Street Melbourne.

An early President of the Association was Alfred Deakin for many years who later became the Prime Minister of Australia.

Initially only for men, later ladies were invited… whenever the group could it entertained visiting mediums. The budding church later moved to A'Beckett Street and only recently relocated to its current address on Boundary Road, North Melbourne and today is know as The Victorian Spiritualists Union Inc. Since this church has been continuously running through all the years since, it can claim to be the oldest continuously running spiritualist church in the world.

Early on the Church was instrumental in starting a magazine 'The Harbinger of Light' this continued until 1947. At the same time as the VSU was established there were spiritualist churches forming in other states. One early established church is at Boundary Street Brisbane and was opened by a great spiritualist Sir Arthur Connan Doyle.

Another old church was located at London Street, Enmore Sydney however this church is no longer operating. Although churches formed in many of the towns and cities in Australia the main drive of spiritualism in the country was in home circles and for many years proliferated in a very large number of places. Unfortunately due to the nature of these circles for families or just groups of friends, the records of nearly all have now disappeared.

In the first years of the 20th century a number of overseas celebrities came to Australia to bring the message of spiritualism. Among these were Mrs Emma Hardinge Brittain and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Mrs Hardinge Brittain was a very famous writer and medium from Britain and the USA and Sir Conan Doyle was the author of the stories about Sherlock Holmes, the detective who basically gave up his career to lecture on Spiritualism all over the world. For example he often addressed packed meetings at the Sydney Town Hall where thousands of people were present and spilled out from the building onto George Street.

The evolution of spiritualism is progressive and influenced by both sociological and cultural influences with preconceived ideas regarding what the spirit world can achieve. In the UK we see a controlled focus on defining the boundaries of spirit and yet in Europe, USA and Australia there is an openness to work with spirit for opportunities to show what it is capable of, pushing through dogma boundaries. This experiential approach is important in the development of physical phenomena and future disciplines of new mediumship.

While I reference the UK as a general grouping, it is important to note there are 3 key streams of mediums that I have identified in that part of the world:

  1. Spiritualist National Union associated mediums

  2. Survivalist focused mediums

  3. Experimental mediums

Whilst I do not view the SNU affiliated medium a threat to experimental mediumship, I do criticise the leadership for restricting the disciplines member churches can support. For example psychic surgery techniques including non invasive methods are now banned, despite remarkable achievements by modern mediums such as Charlie Goldsmith, who for 18 years hide his gift from the public eye. Despite remarkable scientific evidence supporting his work, he continues to encounter criticism from die hard skeptics:

Charlie Goldsmith: “I hope that people seeing this will start to see if they've got an ability like mine. I don't know what sort of numbers of people will have it, but what I want is for people to start discovering if they haven't already. I certainly am under no illusion that I can do it all on my own. You know, I do hope for the most part that the people who are skeptical do start to go let's be patient and look, because if I'm right and there are lots of people out there like me, then even the skeptics will benefit. Look to be honest I don't think I'm going to be given that freedom, I'm sure it'll be with lots of people trying to tell me I'm doing the wrong thing that its all fake and all this sort of stuff, but I'm still going to achieve what I want to achieve even with that pressure. All that's going to happen is that those people are going to turn out to be wrong.”

Survivalist mediumship concerns itself primarily with the reputation of mediums and believes credibility is achieved through evidential practices to validate specific information concerning deceased loved ones connected to attending members of the public. Their criticism of other forms of mediumship tend to always include statements such as “lacks evidential support” or “that was not true mediumship“. Rather than burn the witch, these mediums must take caution and self responsibility concerning communications and use language such as ‘this is not survivalist mediumship but experimental mediumship’.

Experimental Mediumship is an almost scientific approach to phenomena with an openness to learn directly from the spirit world what it is capable of, through experimentation and direct observation. Mediums within this space have often developed through survivalist demonstrations but even the spirit world want to achieve more than just names, dates and specific information concerning how they died, who they left behind and what the afterlife is like.

This modern spiritualist focus often draws into home circles spiritualist founding forefathers and leading parapsychologists of the past who wish to continue their paranormal investigations from the other side of the veil. These committed groups are supporting spirit to allow their work to continue, to develop through this process and achieve remarkable new forms of spirit phenomena drawing on a variety of disciplines including alchemy, nordic traditions and shamanism whose foundations exceed 30,000 years into man kinds ancient past (African Shamans, Indian Shamans, Australian Aboriginals etc).

So the assault on physical mediumship seems to be the result of confusion and collisions of different disciplines of mediumship and certain ego’s set on trying to control a movement that is much larger than their questionable motives. Resolution is simple and I encourage you to approach a seance with an open heart and mind and no expectation and seek out your own validations of the mediumship and ignore the assault on physical mediumship as it is a waste of energy and embarrassment to the movement.

Seek Out Your Validations

When I approach a seance with a medium for the first time I go in with a heathy sense of skepticism and will in my heart silently ask the spirit teams to provide a validation and I am always very specific with the detail in a manner no one else would know. Below I list a couple of examples that I have applied and the observed phenomena resulting:

Gary Mannion Seance

My first seance with Gary Mannion in 2015 was my first experience with physical mediumship and when the tall man formed and began moving around the circle in the dark touching sitters, I specifically stated in my heart if you are genuine, do not touch me unless you are illuminated. The spirit form worked its way around the circle in the dark unseen until it approached me where it became illuminated, lifted my hand and placed it on its torso.

Another seance I wanted to see both the medium and materialised form at the same time which delighted everyone and blew my mind. And more recently I asked to see the trumpet phenomena taking place while the medium was communicating in the cabinet and for the trumpet to raise to the height of the ceiling (approx 3mtrs). Not only did Jimmy (spirit communicator) oblige but the trumpet flew about the circle, raised right to the ceiling and hovered directly above me for a few moments.

Kai Muegge Seance

How I approach the validations is unique for each medium but spirit never fail to provide the confirmation if you are operating from a place of integrity. I knew that in Kai’s seances the spirit team will often produce aported gemstones for present sitters. So I asked spirit provide a golden yellow gemstone to help validate the experience. And to my surprise Hans Bender produced a golden sunstone activation crystal then gifted it to me, for my commitment to spirit with integrity.

Later at a table seance I also asked the spirit world if they could produce an aport while the light was on and this took place at Parsonage Side Retreat in the UK earlier in 2018. Now these validations were personal and I did not discuss with others until this very article today.

My validations won’t have meaning for you but if you approach a sitting with the right intent the spirit world will shift time and space to provide validation - whether that be specific information, names, dates, speaking in a language the medium is not capable of, or something more personal to you. Just have fun in the process and learn through these incredibly rare experiences.

Matt Tones