Michel de Nostradamus was a 16th century french physician and credible seer who left the world more than 940 poetic writings predicting future events. His works were cryptic, open to interpretation and even today some academics continue to challenge their meaning. An educated man, Nostradamus had a firm scientific foundation, yet it was his interest in the spirit world of esotericism that would ripple more than 400 years into the future.

The esoteric works of Michel gained credibility with events coming to unfold that supporters claim were predicted in detail while also drawing our attention to writings relating to our own very near future. Through mystic means Nostradamus stated ‘events would precede, or accompany, a great transformation in humanity’s level of consciousness and spiritual understanding’. It is claimed ‘he predicted the rise of new mystical teachings leading to radical changes in our traditional religious beliefs’. His work suggesting a historic shift in consciousness through a crisis of decision, leading to a period of enlightenment. Did Nostradamus foresee the rift in 21st Century spiritualism?

The Rift

Throughout history there has been dominating religions functioning as cultural filters. These are collective perceptions that give meaning and purpose to the world around us at that point and location in history. The pursuit of happiness and peace is common thread and an unseen world over-seeing our evolution and progress as a planetary species with intelligence, self awareness and potential to evolve into the next phase of human-spirit development. Yet humanity is reaching a critical mass, where sufficient people from all corners of the earth are starting to look past religion, to something more universal and pure without the controls of institutionalised doctrines.

The pursuit of happiness is directly linked to ‘freedom’ and a ‘sense of belonging’ and this is where religion has historically guided mankind toward a utopian world vision, or in many cases geared around a belief that the faithful would be resolved of sins and ascend earthly responsibilities. The promise of a divine plane centred around eternal peace within the kingdom of an almighty god figure. While the intention of religion has been around unifying members, they have inadvertently created segregation.

A utopia is a remarkable vision for the world to focus on and this is the true message of spirit. To see that spark inside everyone and recognise that it is universal, regardless of the cultural filter shaping our civilization. While Religion has fallen short in recognising universal connectedness, mystic theology is beginning to make incredible breakthroughs with opportunities for experiential learning and observation. No preconceived ideas and an openness to accept that perhaps what we know about the universe and creation may not at all be that accurate and an intelligence with tangible first hand experience may be willing to work with us to share what they have learnt.

Two world’s are colliding where current beliefs in the minds of man will be challenged and those clinging to the past will revolt, take offence and potentially feel threatened. Their sense of peace is bought under the microscope when contemplating the ‘white if’. The truth is, happiness is directly linked to a sense of security and change can be a process resisted, even though it is inevitable. And here we discover the rift.

On the one hand we have in mediumship a doctrine lead belief system that strongly defines what spirit can and cannot do. A modern day example is the UK Spiritualist National Union who demands their members not support Psychic Surgery. Yet those bold enough to step away from that structure are discovering measurable results through energy healing modalities (i.e. Charlie Goldsmith, Gary Mannion etc) and also physical phenomena.

Modern mediums are demonstrating tangible, measurable phenomena that validate the experiential model over a doctrine lead philosophy. A model of observation with an openness to allow spirit to show what it can do and explain how the phenomena occurs and their intent behind the demonstrations. Naturally these experiences are directly shaped and affected by the observer and perceptual energy held within the collective group.

Research in this field has found that spirit is capable of many unrealised potentialities but what can be revealed to mankind is largely governed by our subconscious and the will of the teams in spirit. Harmony is key to unlocking the secrets of the universe and honouring our spirit friends through discipline, commitment and heart centred integrity.  

We are seeing a resurgence of spiritualism with a new generation of experimental mediums, freed from constraints and open to validating the spirit paradigm. Home circles are discovering the secret to achieving phenomena is simpler than we think and only requires a committed, harmonious circle that sit with intent, at the same times each week and an openness to learn. Our minds must be freed from expectation and allow the spirit teams to work the energy, otherwise our own strong collective group field will prevent what the spirit world is eager to share.

Matt Tones